A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Kitten In The Graveyard is a work in progress.

Update 10-27-2016

  • Added fog to the graveyard
  • Added animations to the player
  • Added indicators for which gravestones are spawning
  • Added spawning indicator to show when a gravestone is about to emit a skeleton.
  • Added mega diamonds for more points

Earlier Updates

  • Added more gravestones with timed skeleton release offsets.
  • Added high score tracking

If you're rating this game and are having trouble running it, let me know so I can fix it!

Install instructions

MacOS is untested, so if someone looking at this has a Mac, check it out and let me know if it's all good.

Xbox Controller:
DPad to control, A to shoot/start.

Keyboard Controls:
Arrow keys to move, A to shoot/start.

Other controllers YMMV, let me know how they're working.


kitten-in-the-graveyard-windows-32-alpha.zip 12 MB
Version 11 Oct 27, 2016
kitten-in-the-graveyard-macos-alpha.zip 15 MB
Version 8 Oct 27, 2016


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Really like the color selction. The accent color is a really nice touch for highlighting the important elements of the game.

Thanks Alex. It started out as just white but I felt that wasn't creepy enough.